Ezgi Bülbül

Ezgi Bülbül

Graduate with a Master's Degree in Management Engineering at Padova University

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Ezgi, a 26-year-old Turkish national, holds a bachelor's degree in Food Engineering from Istanbul, Turkey. Throughout her undergraduate years, she completed three internships at renowned food companies such as Mondelez International, Doehler Group, and Turasan Winery, gaining valuable experience in production, quality control, and product development. These experiences, coupled with her participation in two Erasmus mobility programs in Poland and Portugal, broadened her cultural understanding and honed her intercultural communication skills, essential for navigating diverse professional environments.

Recognizing the need to complement her engineering background with management and communication skills, Ezgi pursued a master's degree in management engineering at Padova University in Italy. Simultaneously, she embraced a remote part-time role as a business development specialist for a California-based startup, showcasing her versatility and commitment to continuous growth. During her master's program, she undertook an internship in strategy and business development at IRIS CERAMICA GROUP in Italy, where she applied her academic knowledge to real-world challenges, contributing to the company's growth strategy and market expansion efforts.

Post-graduation, Ezgi transitioned into a role as an International Business Developer at IRIS CERAMICA GROUP, where she continues to excel, leveraging her diverse skill set to drive business success in international markets. Her journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, with a profound belief in continuous improvement and cross-cultural learning.

Ezgi's blend of technical expertise, managerial acumen, and global mindset positions her as a valuable asset in the dynamic field of international business, poised to make meaningful contributions to organizational growth and success.

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