Jayshree Seth

Jayshree Seth

Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate, 3M US

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Educational background:  BS in Chemical Engineering from NIIT Trichy, India; MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering, Clarkson University, NY.

As Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate for 3M, Dr. Jayshree Seth focuses on using her scientific knowledge, technical expertise and professional experience to advance science, both inside and outside of 3M.  Holding 65 patents for a variety of innovations in her 25 years at 3M, Dr. Seth has earned the distinguished title of corporate scientist, the highest position within the technical ranks.  She is the first female engineer, and, one of only four women ever promoted to this level.  In this role Dr. Seth leads Applied Technology Development projects for Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, the largest industrial business at 3M.  She is focused on identifying new growth opportunities, developing new technologies and commercializing sustainable Industrial Products within various markets.

In 2018, Dr. Seth was also appointed to a new position within the 3M organization.  As 3M’s first-ever Chief Science Advocate, Dr. Seth is advocating for science by communicating the importance it holds in everyday life, breaking down barriers and building excitement around STEM careers.  Through her work she aims to foster a new generation of scientists and STEM advocates.

Jayshree is a big believer in bringing your "whole self" to any task.  She is very passionate about teaching, coaching, mentoring and is a sought-after speaker, globally, on a multitude of topics such as innovation, leadership, career development and intellectual property.

In the last few years, the role confidence plays in one’s career journey has become somewhat of a focal point. But it’s evident that the very definition of confidence, and, how it is processed, projected and perceived by the two genders is different. Jayshree has been breaking boundaries, personally and professionally, all through her life. She says that with age and experience she has discovered her own virtuous cycle—action, success, confidence! Jayshree encourages audience to find their virtuous cycle that allows them to stay authentic to their own brand of confidence, and, have satisfying STEM-based careers.

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