Mom, wife, engineer, coach, and friend, I love being well with others, in life and in my profession. I have mainly worked in male-dominated environments where I have strengthened myself to collaborate and cooperate productively. I believe that valuing people, without waiting for confirmation, returns multiple skills that can be useful to the community.

After over ten years in the company, where I entered as the first female engineer among approximately 100 male technicians, I have developed awareness and increased the desire to dedicate myself to work groups in which to bring out skills, potential, and the ability to collaborate overcoming every obstacle of gender and competence diversity.

Today, as a coach and with the coaching model, born from the combination of coaching and engineering and matured in the context of my university experience as a PhD, as an engineer in a company and as a life and business coach, I work to build specific skills to work in all work contexts and to create development projects for organizations and individuals. More and more often, I build work groups to reinvent a profession or to face a change, seizing all the opportunities that it offers. In doing this, I have developed an understanding of the new dynamics of work groups and current models of collaboration and cooperation, so I have followed and supported the natural development of Flyfish ( as a reality for the development, communication, and digital promotion of organizations and individuals, embracing the logic of self-employment and entrepreneurial risk within a network of people and diverse skills.

I believe it is important for every system, whether it be technological, organizational, or human, to be built on solid skills in order to function at its best, remain flexible and dynamic at the same time, thus maintaining a structure that is change-proof!

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