Networks in the global village

What is it about?
We live in communities (increasingly less real and increasingly more virtual), which risk remaining separated if we do not activate continuous connections.

In today's global village, being a parent is not just about being fathers and mothers, but entering into a networked community that presupposes the ability to relate to a complex social, cultural, and work context, which requires constantly evolving skills.

Every connection is the result of mediation and conversations that often take place remotely and in synchronous and asynchronous forms.

There is more and more talk about a generational pact, crisis in parenting, extended families, teenage parents and narcissistic children, loneliness in the global village, care time, parental leave, smart working, teenagers and the web, risks and dangers of the internet and social networks.

All these ideas are discussed daily through the media in conferences, debates, interventions, books. Talking about them is good, but often it is done superficially focusing on "newsworthiness" and "commercialization", without making the debate integrated.


Information, training, and communication

The objectives of T-Essere

Implementing the skills of a community (family, company, association...)
Building relationships to promote shared evolutionary paths within the family, in the company, between fathers and mothers.
Human network
Knitting the threads of a human, familiar, cultural network
Reconnecting the threads of a social fabric in which to grow as parents and as children
Enhancing the relational skills of children in a dimension of reciprocity
Use technology as a means of bringing people together
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