Maria Letizia Mascheroni

Maria Letizia Mascheroni

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager - Siemens

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ELLE Active! 2022 - Values and Jobs
Gender equality in companies: let's accelerate!

Today at Siemens with the role of Manager, on top of the role of Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding. Manager with a passion for People & Organization topics, with 10 years of experience in Information Technology and then 15 years in Human Resources, in multinational companies and complex organizations, with increasing managerial roles in different areas: Change Management, Internal Communication, Learning, Development, Recruiting, Employer Branding & Social Media.

Aspires to create a positive impact in organizations and society where he/she lives, proactively leading cross-functional programs of Vocational Guidance, Corporate Volunteering, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion embracing the approach of Digitalization and Networking.

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