Giulia Di Capua

Giulia Di Capua

Specialista in Investimenti Privati in Equity presso Banca Generali

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Innovation Tram 2021
Tram of Innovation 2020

Giulia Di Capua arrives in Milan in October 2019 to begin an adventure alongside Banca Generali. Giulia spent her academic career in her hometown Rome, where she graduated with honors in Economics and Business Management from Luiss Guido Carli, and during which she gained experience abroad at prestigious universities (LSE).

At the end of her studies, Giulia joins the Corporate Finance team at KPMG Advisory S.p.A.; the stimulating and challenging path at KPMG lasts 4 years during which she is involved in projects related to business planning, strategic consulting, M&A, sell side and buy side, both at national and international level. Within the Bank, Giulia is part of Maria Ameli's team, which is involved in the BG4Real project, aimed not only at creating an effective bridge between private savings and Italian and foreign SMEs, but also sees the Bank actively participating in the sustainable development of the Italian ecosystem.

Stubborn, precise (sometimes too much), but open to discussion and always focused on problem solving, Giulia loves to spend her free time practicing outdoor sports.

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