Danila Frigerio

Danila Frigerio

Contract & Quality Manager - Banca Mediolanum

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Women Empowerment Program 2024
Women Empowerment Program 2023

Graduated in Applied Mathematics to Computers in Milan in 1984.

After a period of teaching (fantastic work), in 1995, she was selected for a six-month internship in the new graduates project of the Fininvest Group, which directed her to be part of the Prototiping Team (now we would say Agile) with the aim of experimenting with new programming languages in order to reduce development times and, at the same time, support the new entries of new graduates.

This allowed her to be free to express herself, to be invited to contribute, and therefore to enhance her talents: curiosity, challenge, and teamwork. She remains in this team until her first maternity leave in '91. Upon her return, the organization has changed and she is offered to lead a group in the field of computer innovation.

During her second pregnancy in 1996, the project of transferring the branch of the company to which Fininvest Servizi belonged to IBM was concluded, where she remained until March 1998, when she joined the Mediolanum Group.

The great opportunity that presents itself is to start the project of computerizing the Sales Network which, at the time of her hiring, had several computer and organizational problems to solve that were blocking its launch. Before the summer, she managed to create a wonderful team of colleagues with whom to experiment the Agile development model always with the aim of enhancing diversity, increasing work effectiveness, satisfaction, and growth within the organization. All of this leads us to achieve the goal of releasing the project by autumn.

At the end of the year, she was appointed manager and responsible for the Sales Network Systems (Family Banker). She remained in this position until 2012, when she was offered to move to Procurement due to her experience gained over the years in the IT sector.

He does not miss the opportunity to apply his computer knowledge and, always in Agile mode in collaboration with other departments, they computerize the entire Passive Cycle. He now holds the position of Contract & Quality Manager of the Group.

The synthesis of his growth and professional experience: working together multiplies talents and generates motivation. Teaching, his first love, has never abandoned him, collaborating on various volunteer initiatives, and for several years he has been a teacher at the school for foreigners "Dare la Parola" in the eastern area of Milan.

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