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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Raccontiamoci"

Let's tell each other

30 March 2021
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Raccontiamoci"

March 30, 2021, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Two different communication projects: the experiences of 3M and Banca Mediolanum in the first of the "Conversations of Women&Tech".
Featuring Daniela Aleggiani and Roberto De Agostini

What does applying the narrative methodology in an organization mean? Among the countless interventions implemented last year to support people in the company, the innovative project Our Journey Home has revealed the value of community to hundreds of 3M employees. We are facing a new daily life and the only certainty in this moment of profound instability is that nothing will be as before. We must therefore embark on a journey, as individuals and as organizations, on the way to a new "home". Daniela Aleggiani from 3M explains this to us. Roberto de Agostini from Banca Mediolanum, on the other hand, tells us about the origin of the idea "Tell me about me", the film that characterized the bank's advertising campaign last October. A new communication project, completely unbranded and all female, which, through the short film "Tell me about me", whispers a message to the general public to raise awareness about the importance of financial and asset planning for the realization of life projects. For the bank, the value of financial education has always been a priority. "Let's tell each other" is the first meeting of "Women&Tech Conversations", the new digital format of the Association.

The speakers

Daniela Aleggiani
Vice President and Secretary General of the 3M Foundation - ETS
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Roberto De Agostini
Head of Media & Public Relations - Banca Mediolanum SpA
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