Paola Gualtieri

Paola Gualtieri

3M R&D Operational Leader - Product Stewardship & Sustainability SEE Region

Participate in:

Tram of Innovation 2020

Paola Gualtieri focuses on using her scientific knowledge, technical skills, and professional experience to promote science, both within and outside of 3M.

3M is a global company whose innovations improve life through science.

For over 20 years at 3M, Paola Gualtieri has held various positions of increasing responsibility starting from regulatory affairs for the pharmaceutical and medical market, Head of Tender Office, Food Safety Sales & Marketing Manager, and Product Safety Manager.

In 2019, Paola Gualtieri was appointed within the 3M Regional R&D organization as Leader and Responsible for the regional Product Stewardship & Sustainability team.

As part of her new role, Paola Gualtieri represents 3M's Research and Development throughout the region.

Enhancing the use of the Customer Innovation Center and technical centers for customers, organizing events with clients, Innovation and Technical Day.

Regional SPONSOR for the Tech Forum initiative, promotes the 3M culture of agility, inclusivity, STEM programs, and innovation even in laboratories.

A consistently positive attitude, an inclusive behavior, and respect for diversity are essential characteristics to support sustainable R&D.

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