Palma Cusenza

Palma Cusenza

Junior Banker, Banca Generali

Participate in:

Tram of Innovation® 2022
ELLE Active!
Innovation Tram 2021
Tram of Innovation 2020

Palma Cusenza joined Banca Generali in November 2018, where she currently holds the position of Junior Banker, collaborating in the management of a wide portfolio of Private Clients.

During her journey within the company, Palma initially contributed to the implementation of the BG4Real project, with the aim of creating an effective bridge between private savings and Italian and foreign SMEs.

Before joining Banca Generali, Palma worked as a Business Analyst at Ersel on innovation issues, collaborating in the structuring of Club Deals to support innovative startups such as Homepal, Satispay, and Treedom.

Passionate about puzzles, born in Puglia and adopted by Milan, after studying science she obtained a degree in Economics and Finance from Bocconi University in Milan.

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