Lorna Perini

Lorna Perini

Head of ISV Partnerships - Nexi Payments


Participate in:

Women Empowerment Program 2024
Women Empowerment Program 2023

Lorna has been working at Nexi since 2017, currently holding the position of Partnerships Manager for the ISV channel, while previously she was the Commercial Manager of the BPER Group.

Before Nexi, Lorna held various roles at Vodafone, Gemalto, and Alcatel-Lucent ranging from R&D to training, marketing to sales where she worked with leading companies in the telecommunications and banking sectors.

Her main skills are in the Telco, Banking & Digital Payments, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales sectors. Married and mother of two children, she shares her passion for painting, interior design, and outdoor sports with her family.

Interested in do-it-yourself, it involves the whole family in creative and constructive adventures.

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