Beatrice Meneghetti

Beatrice Meneghetti

Master's Degree in Marine Biology, University of Padua

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From childhood, I have cultivated a great interest in nature; for this reason, after obtaining my high school diploma from a scientific high school, I embarked on a path of studies that led me to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and a master's degree in Marine Biology.

During my first year of university, I was able to approach the field of scientific communication by participating in a project that allowed me and other students to set up and bring to middle schools in the neighborhood a science laboratory aimed at conducting biology, chemistry, and physics experiments with students, interspersed with brief theoretical lessons on the subject under examination, trying to convey our passions to the students in an active and engaging way.

During my master's years, I deepened my study of the ecology and biodiversity of marine ecosystems and gained personal experiences in the field of communication and research. During my master's internship, I was able to study, through photo-identification technique, a community of bottlenose dolphins residing in the Gulf of Golfo Aranci (Sardinia) which led me to become passionate about cetaceans and more generally about large marine animals.

During the same period, I worked at a diving center in the town as a nature guide during Dolphin Watching tours.

Alongside my university studies, I also cultivated a passion for scuba diving, and during the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to work at a diving center on the island of Elba where I obtained the certification as a Divemaster scuba diving guide.

Currently, I work as a quality control officer at the laboratory of a company that markets and produces fish products; this experience is making me passionate about the world of research and development in the food sector as it allows me to combine the skills I am acquiring through my job with my love for cooking.

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