Alberto Guidotti

Alberto Guidotti

Head of ICT Research and Development Office at Intesa Sanpaolo Group


Intesa Sanpaolo Group Services, Simplification and Innovation Service

After graduating in Statistics and Economics at the University of Bologna, Alberto Guidotti started his professional career at Credito Emiliano in the organization and systems area and then in the commercial network. He later moved on to management consulting, working first at Accenture and then at Bain & Company where he continued his experience in financial services with a focus on ICT strategy at the European level.

In 2005, he joined San Paolo IMI as head of the ICT vision function, overseeing ICT strategies as well as all innovative projects of a technological nature. He won the Golden Circle of Innovation award for the best Italian financial innovation project in the retail sector with the High-tech branch in Turin.

Today he is responsible for the ICT Research and Development Office of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, whose mission includes analyzing the strategic guidelines of ICT, studying and developing innovative prototypes for the bank, monitoring evolutionary trends, ICT benchmarking, and managing internal communication related to innovation (newsletter, knowledge base, and web community).

He is also the director of the Applied Banking Technology Research Laboratory at ISMB in Turin and is a part-time lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Turin (Computer Engineering) for the course on Strategy and Innovation.

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