30 January 2020
Poster per l'evento intitolato "#donneinict"

Overcoming the gender gap to grow and innovate

Gender equality between women and men is a fundamental value of the European Union, as enshrined in European treaties.
Both at national and European levels, statistics show that the worst situation in terms of gender balance affects the ICT sector.
There are still few women working in the digital field with a computer science degree, just as few are the female students who pursue these degree courses.

How to overcome the gender gap in digital?

Anitec-Assinform, through the Round Table dedicated to Women in ICT, wants to raise awareness among schools, families, young people, institutions, and companies about the need for a greater number of women experts in computer science and promote concrete measures to attract girls to pursue studies and a professional career in this field, thus bridging the gender gap within society.
At the center of the initiative will be women and girls, but also boys with their own experiences and reflections on the future and the paths to build it.

Participation in the conference is free but subject to pre-registration. To attend the conference, please register online .

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