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Poster per l'evento intitolato "T-Essere: la finanza parla al femminile?"

To be: does finance speak in the feminine?

07 March 2020
Poster per l'evento intitolato "T-Essere: la finanza parla al femminile?"

Facing the economic challenges that await the female world has never been so urgent. Many women are not aware of the economic, legal, and technological context that can disrupt their lives. How to face these economic challenges today? "Marriages & Estates" (Hoepli Editore) written by Debora Rosciani, journalist at Radio 24, and Roberta Rossi Gaziano, independent financial consultant, provides women (and men today) with an ideal toolbox to face an increasingly challenging context. Especially for women.

Specific factors such as frequent lack of economic independence, greater longevity, more discontinuous careers, meager pensions, and limited familiarity with the world of investments make them a more at-risk category for impoverishment.

In Italy, one out of two women does not work, and this is a risk for single-income families as the advent of automation could make entire categories of workers obsolete, even in sectors considered absolutely secure.

Women face an additional specific risk known as longevity risk, literally the risk of outliving their wealth, due to their greater longevity combined with lower pensions. Elderly women living alone are among the categories at highest risk of poverty according to Istat. The lower financial literacy of women is another sore point, making them more prone to cognitive distortions. A country that continues to hold over 1300 billion inactive in current accounts and that has home ownership as the main source of family wealth, risks becoming poorer.

Equipping yourself with the minimum foundations to face the world of investments, understand the current economic context, and plan your financial future is important in order to not experience a less than happy decline.

A toolbox is needed to not face unprepared the challenges that await us. To avoid having to say one day "Oh, if only I had thought of it earlier".

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