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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Ready4Future Energia"

Ready4Future Energy

27 January 2022
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Ready4Future Energia"


Comparison on access to the job market in the energy sector

January 27, 2022 - 2:30 PM

What are the distinctive characteristics required for those who want to work in the most innovative companies in the energy sector?

What does "digital skills" (or, perhaps more specifically, computer skills) actually mean and how should they be integrated with technical knowledge?

In light of the challenges of the ongoing energy transition, what are the specific skills and areas of focus that a young student can concentrate on in their academic studies?

What are the innovative technologies and scenarios that a leading company like Terna is focusing on, and that in the future could impact new professions in the energy sector?

How to prepare for an interview in this specific industry?

These are some of the topics that were addressed during the online meeting Ready4Future by Women&Tech. ® dedicated to the professions of the future in the energy sector, on January 27th at 2:30 PM.

Representatives of Terna, the company that manages the national electricity grid and one of the main European operators of energy transmission networks, and Kelly Services, a global leading employment agency, met with students, teachers, and families.

Introduced by: Gianna Martinengo , President of Women&Tech ® .

The following individuals participated:

  • Clara Bez , HR Director of Kelly Services Italy;
  • Marco Forteleoni, Head of Innovation Factory Transmission Operator at Terna Rete Italia SpA;
  • Cristian Sala, CEO of Kelly Services Italy;
  • Simona Sapio, Talent Acquisition & Candidate Experience Manager at Terna SpA.

The speakers

Clara Bez
Direttore HR - Kelly Italia (Gruppo GI Holding)
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Marco Forteleoni
Capo dell'Innovation Factory del Transmission Operator, Terna Rete Italia SpA
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Cristian Sala
CEO Kelly Services SPA
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Simona Sapio
Head of Talent Acquisition & Candidate Experience, Terna SpA
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