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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Prime Minister Brindisi"

Prime Minister Brindisi

09 March 2024
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Prime Minister Brindisi"
On March 9th, at the Prime Minister school in Brindisi, there will be a meeting focused on a topic of great relevance for the present: "The future of work in the digital, scientific, and technological era. Who ever said it's not a field for women?" Laura Liguori, Vice-President of Women&Tech®️ Association Women and Technologies ETS, and Gaia Costantino, President of Puglia Women Lead, will be speaking to the students, offering interesting points of reflection and supporting them towards a conscious vision of the topic. The event will be moderated by Elisa Pogliano, Founder and Principal Consultant of Hen's Milk. An unmissable opportunity to explore new perspectives and debunk stereotypes, all within a stimulating and inclusive environment.
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The speakers

Laura Liguori
Vice President of Women&Tech® and Partner at Portolano Cavallo
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