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Presentazione di "Donne e potere di fare"

Presentation of "Women and the Power to Do"

12 December 2019
Presentazione di "Donne e potere di fare"

Women&Tech is pleased to highlight the book by Ilaria Li Vigni "Women and the power to act. Female presence today and tomorrow", published by Franco Angeli, with an introduction by Carla Guidi and a postscript by Cristina Bombelli and Laura Girelli.

We invite you to the presentation meeting that will take place on Thursday December 12th at 7:15 pm at Apres Coup , located at Via privata della Braida 5, Milan.

32 women "of power" in the sectors of Institutions, Universities, Business, Liberal Professions, Media, Arts were interviewed. Among these will be present:

  • Institutions: Patrizia Toia - Lia Quartapelle
  • University: Stefania Bariatti - Paola Profeta - Donatella Sciuto - Nerina Boschiero
  • Business: Gianna Martinengo - Laura Malatesta
  • Liberal Professions: Laura Specchio - Giovannella Condò - Daniela Mainini
  • Media: Danda Santini - Anna Delfreo - Anna Migliorati
  • Arts: Maria Eugenia D'Aquino

In Italy, in recent years, the map of a new female power is slowly being defined. It is being drawn by the presence of female deputies and senators in Parliament, ministers, managers appointed to the top of publicly traded companies, senior officials of some strategic public companies. The turning point, albeit slow, is underway: women in leadership positions give strength to a more modern leadership class, free from old patterns and narrow power groups.

But how long will this change last? Will it truly bring about a more fair and modern social development already present in some European countries? The reality is that, still, there are not conditions for a fair society with balanced opportunities and responsibilities between women and men in all fields, public and private.

There is still much to be done and the role of women who have managed to crack the "glass ceiling" will be crucial in this critical phase.

The position at the top of some of them will be a determining social lever only if it opens up to free choices and if it is able to accelerate significant changes for all in worlds even distant: innovation in work organization with flexible hours, the possibility of working from home, the creation of conditions for fair gain and the overcoming, in terms of education, of cultural models anchored to gender stereotypes.

Only with these radical social changes can we witness a modern, concrete, and truly complete gender balance.

Ilaria Li Vigni, lawyer in Milan, expert in gender policies, specializes in criminal law and corporate consulting. She is a trainer in courses on anti-discrimination law and diversity, and is a journalist. She is a lecturer at the Sociology of Law and Labor department at the University of Milan, and is a member of the Lombardy Journalists' Order. Among her publications for our publishing house are: Lawyers. Development and affirmation of a profession (2013), Lawyers in associated firms and corporate jurists (2015), Criminalists in the third millennium (2017).

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