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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Inspiring Your Future Cloud Edition"

Inspiring Your Future Cloud Edition

12 June 2023
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Inspiring Your Future Cloud Edition"

Women&Tech will participate in the Fastweb workshop "Inspiring Your Future Cloud Edition" which will take place at STEP on June 12 and will be dedicated to Fastweb's TOP CLIENTS (both private and public sectors).

Laura Liguori, partner at Portolano Cavallo and Vice President of Women&Tech ® ETS, will participate in the workshop on the application scenarios enabled by Cloud platforms (for example, in the Smart City and IoT fields). The workshop will be attended by the CEO and Top Management of Fastweb, along with speakers representing institutions, technological partners, innovative startups, the academic world, and consulting, with the aim of creating moments of discussion about the future to provide insights and suggestions for making strategic decisions even in the medium and long term.

The speakers

Laura Liguori
Vice President of Women&Tech® and Partner at Portolano Cavallo
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