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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Energia - L'ingegneria del futuro"

Energy - The engineering of the future

25 May 2023
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Energia - L'ingegneria del futuro"

On May 25, 2023 the event: ENERGY - The engineering of the future will take place.

The event will take place at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering Sapienza (Via Eudossiana, 18, 00184 Rome) in Classroom 17 from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM and is part of the #Ready4Future project of the association Women&Tech® ETS.

During the event, there will be alternating presentations by students of the Master's degree program (in energy extraction and electrical energy) with those of representatives from the world of engineering and technology and the Order of Engineers of the province of Rome. The common thread of the presentations will be the word "energy", which represents, on one hand, a work competency that is absolutely necessary today in order to persevere and be enterprising, and on the other hand, a market sector that is increasingly "quoted" and in continuous growth.

Aimed at all generations, from high school students to university students, to professionals in the sector, the event will see master's students present their projects for the future.

The presentation of projects and the interventions of mentors (representatives of companies and organizations in the technical sector) constitute the final "unconventional" exam of the Laboratory "Entering the world of work tools, scenarios and strategies" conducted by engineer Viviana Callea and now in its 5th edition. Because the purpose of the laboratory is to facilitate the entry into the world of work for engineering students, the proposed event shares its mission with the social innovation project Ready4Future, which aims to guide the new generations towards the professions and trades of the future.

During the event, each student will present themselves, along with their work group, and the chosen work context by delving into those topics and/or relevant factors that have allowed them to define, with their own style of intervention, the proposal strategy for their project for the future of the energy market and " with energy"!

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